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Seasonal Tree and Shrub Pruning, Weed Control, Lawn

Maintenance, Spring/Fall Cleanups, Snow Removal

spacerSeasonal Tree and Shrub Pruning

We prune trees and shrubs following industry standards; this is to ensure the health of the plant. Every plant is different which requires them to be pruned individually to optimize the potential of the plant.


Specialty Pruning

Topiaries, Pom-Pom, Spirals

Spiral Prune

Specialty Plantings

Annual container plantings and weekly flower care.


Disease and Insect Management

Jesse’s Signature’s IPM (integrated pest management) program focuses on establishing a set of property-specific standards and uses a variety of techniques (cultural, biologic, and chemical controls) to discourage and manage pest and disease minimizing their impact on your landscape.


Weed Control in the Beds

Got weeds?? We have a program to meet your needs. Organic options are available if you’re concerned with chemical applications on your property.

Avenger Organics


Lawn Maintenance

Mowing, edging, core aeration, spring dethatching


Spring/Fall Cleanup


Bark Mulching

Gives your landscape beds a clean finish but it also amends and adds organic matter to your soil


Snow Removal

Residential/commercial snow removal

(drives, sidewalks, parking lots)



Landscape Renovation
New or existing beds; Jesse’s Signature can help. We can make suggestions to help you pick the right plant for the right spot helping you increase the benefit and longevity of the plant in the landscape. Even if you have removed a tree or plant, we can help select a proper replacement. We can deliver, properly install, and let you know the proper care your new plants will need.